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    2 - 5

  • Playtime

    20 Minutes

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Game Description

You are a Preacher and you made a deal with the Devil to live 100 years more, and to fulfill your end of the deal, you must collect a 100-year worth of souls. Souls of sinners. To do that, you lure the sinners into your church to “repent”.

The game is played over a series of rounds. In each round, players draw fresh hands of cards, take turns playing cards until the round is finished, and then do the scoring. First to collect 100 (or higher) souls, wins.

You start with a murderer in your church, there are 10 sinners/doers of good and 7 sacraments and each has a special power. Perform sacraments, lure sinners to your church as fast as you can, make sure your murderer stays in your church so you can collect the souls! [insert evil laughter here] —Muwhahaha—

Sinners was in 2019 Two-Player PnP Game Design Contest and it was the 2nd Best Gateway Game 🙂

—description from the publisher

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