Saint Seiya: Deckbuilding

Saint Seiya: Deckbuilding

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    2 - 5

  • Playtime

    40 Minutes

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Game Description

Athena is threatened by the great Pope, and the Knights subjected to his power are ready to fight!

5 Bronze Knights: Seiya, Shiryū, Hyōga, Shun, and Ikki must end this threat before the extinction of the last flame of the Clock.

During the game, players each play one of the five available Heroes. They will have to face the other Knights they will face or rally to their cause.

Play as one of the bronze knights and build your deck as you fight or rally other knights to your cause. Use the various effects of the cards to possess the most powerful knights and have the best team at the end of the game, when the 12 flames of the clock will be extinguished. The player with the most victory point when all the flammes are switched off is the winner.

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