Rising Blades

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Model Number: B-36
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  • # Players

    2 - 4

  • Playtime

    60 Minutes

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Game Description

Something is stirring in the darkness. For fifty years the sorcerer Vesh Darkhand has been biding his time, recruiting, plotting, and changing–and now; he is ready to unleash hell on the unsuspecting world above. Ready your blades, and rise from the Cluwash Depth as champions of Vesh! The highest prize awaits you: To stand as the Darkhand’s Commander of War… Rising Blades is an asymmetric tile-laying board game for 2 – 4 players in which your character is tasked with exploring an untouched world and laying waste to everything around you. The Warriors raid villages, attacking anyone who dares to stand in their way. The Necromancers raise the dead, summoning an army of undead creatures. The Thieves steal great and ancient treasures to weaken their foe. The Destroyer defiles the land, destroying vital resources. With unique character abilities and character objectives; you must find a way to not only win, but also to disrupt the plans of your competitors! Rising Blades is set in The City of Kings universe, 5 years before The City of Kings Board Game but is a standalone game with completely unique mechanics.

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