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Model Number: GH-001

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    4 - 16

  • Playtime

    30 Minutes

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Game Description


Do you want to make that dinner party, hen party or any other piss-up you’re planning as hilariously memorable as possible? Or are you simply stuck for a present for that friend or family member who seems to have everything?…

Then Gutterhead, the fiendishly filthy adult board game is just for you. Guaranteed to have you wetting yourself with laughter, Gutterhead is so simple you can learn the rules in 90 seconds. What’s more, it’s a team game whereby all teams play all rounds, so nobody is left twiddling their thumbs or scratching their balls.


“Incredible!… we are so on board for this.” – UNILAD

“If You LOVE Cards Against Humanity, You’ll DIE Over This.” – KIIS 1065


Teams must tap into their depraved minds and compete head-to-head to out-draw and out-guess their opponents: one player from each team draws the fiendishly filthy word while their teammates frantically try to guess the word before another team does. The first team to guess correctly wins the round. Simple.


Features two play routes, ‘quickie’ and ‘marathon’, because hey, no-one likes a game that drags on.
Optional drinking rules included to take the competition up a notch.
‘Action’ cards can be mimed instead of drawn to shake things up a bit.

—description from the publisher

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