Challenge of the Lion Lord

Challenge of the Lion Lord

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Model Number: TLC920X
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  • # Players

    2 - 4

  • Playtime

    90 Minutes

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Game Description

In Challenge of the Lion Lord, you roll to move around the board and collect pieces of artifacts that give you bonuses for fighting (which is more dice rolling). Eventually, you will have enough bonuses to take on the Lion Lord.

From the back of the box:

Somewhere beyond this world, lies the realm of the Lion Lord. The Talanay legend tells of a time long ago, when the Lion Lord ruled the land. Many courageous opponents challenged his power, but none succeeded. For their bravery the Lion Lord gave each challenger a territory to hold as his domain.

Now you must challenge all those who have come before you. Powerful warriors and fierce creatures stand ready to test your courage, skill, and strength. Take this journey at your own risk. This is a game only for the bravest of warriors.

Challenge of the Lion Lord is a board game of mystical adventure for two to four players. You will battle the Harpy, the Minotaur, the Hydra, the Cyclops, and other warlords of the fantasy realm. You will gain power, weapons and protection to be used in the ultimate test of courage and strength.

  • 3 decks of game cards: power, challenge, and wizard
  • 4 molded game pieces
  • 4 sets of the artifact tablet cards
  • a large full color game board and
  • set of 4 dice
Gameplay Mechanics

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