Warhammer Quest: Warrior Priest

Warhammer Quest: Warrior Priest

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    1 - 5

  • Playtime

    120 Minutes

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Game Description

This is an expansion for Warhammer Quest.
It allows a player to play as the Warrior Priest Warrior.

Box Description:


Years of gruelling training mould Warrior Priests into men of great faith
and courage. They fearlessly wield their mighty warhammers against the
foul creatures of darkness, destroying evil in the holy name of Sigmar.

In this pack you will find everything you need to play a Warrior Priest
in the Warhammer Quest game, including a rulebook, cards, counters and
a specially crafted Warrior Priest Citadel miniature.

This is not a complete game. Possession of Warhammer Quest is necessary
to use the contents of this box.


Warhammer Quest fan – Warrior Priest

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