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    1 - 2

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    30 Minutes

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Game Description

TINYforming Mars is a 1-2 player game set in the distant future; where mankind has mastered the technologies needed to turn our lifeless neighbor, Mars, into a thriving destination for humanity. All of this, on nine cards!

Each player is attempting to terraform Mars by completing projects that fulfill one or more of Mars’ parameters for sustaining life; those being: Heat, Oxygen (provided by Greenery), and Water. The player that is able to complete more projects towards this goal, as well as, build their cities on prime Martian real estate, will be the winner.

The game takes place over several rounds, known as Generations, in which players will alternate taking turns. First the players will draft Project cards that offer the Projects that they will have access to. Then, on a player’s turn, he can complete one of his own Projects, one of the Standard Projects, or pass. When both players have passed, the Generation is over and players collect income to begin the next Generation.

When the supply of at least 2 of the 3 types of parameters have been exhausted or there are no vacant hexes on the map, that Generation will be the final Generation of the game. Once that Generation is over, the players will count their scores. Highest score wins.

Included is a solitaire mode where the player will attempt to complete all 3 parameters in 12 Generations.

-description from designer

DISCLAIMER: This is a fan-made miniaturization inspired by the Jacob Fryxelius game, Terraforming Mars. This game was made with no consultancy or assistance from FryxGames. No files were provided or copied, nor was any consultation requested/given. Neither Michael Bevilacqua nor TINYforming Mars are endorsed by, sponsored by, or affiliated with FryxGames.

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