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Game Description

This sports trivia game features a plastic game board that uses a cribbage-style scoring system. Players move up and down the field as they answer questions about this NFL franchise.

Players can adjust the length of a game by changing the number of cards required to complete a "quarter" of play on the gridiron. There are two methods of play with the fast play mechanic allowing a player to keep moving the ball unitl he or she misses a question. The other meachanic has the players alternating play throughout the game.

Optional rules include Goal Line Stands, Interceptions, and Overtime. There are special cardboard dividers placed inside the question card deck to remind the players when halftime and other important points in the game will occur.

Includes the plastic stadium board, score markers, 2400 trivia questions on 400 cards, the time keeping dividers, a storage insert, a die, and rules.
Published in 1996 by Sports Games

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