Raging Bulls

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    1 - 1

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    20 Minutes

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Game Description

Whoever thought it was a good idea to put a load of bulls together in one field?
Well, yours is not to reason why. It is, however, your job to keep them apart – to avoid brawling bulls and potential injury (to themselves or anyone else for that matter).

This is my take on a ‘roll and write’ game.

A number of bulls are randomly placed in a field.
You build fences (draw straight lines) across the field in order to enclose and separate the bulls in it. Possible starting and finishing points (fence posts) are chosen from the dice you roll.

As well working out where best to build your fence, you’ll also need to think ahead and plan for the next ones.

There is also an element of push your luck – do you risk losing a life (mallet) by going for that final fence to complete the Field or move on to the next Field and score less points?

The game features 4 fields of increasing difficulty.

There’s just 1 page to print out and 1 page of rules.
There’s also a low ink (black) version available.
You’ll also need 3 regular dice, a pen or pencil and something to draw a straight line with.

Raging Bulls was an entry for the 2017 Solitaire PnP Design Contest

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