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Kreskin’s ESP

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    2 - 10

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    10 Minutes

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Game Description

From the box:

Extra Sensory Perception is the ability to send or receive thoughts, using only your mind to do so. Do you have this supernatural power? Kreskin, the world’s foremost authority on ESP, thinks you do. You need only to develop it. This fascinating ESP game shows how!

Imagine the fun! Alone, or with a friend, or with a whole party of people, players can reveal their innermost thoughts on love, politics, or any other subject. Kreskin’s ESP game will give you the opportunity to reveal your ESP powers and explore the outer frontiers of the human mind in two scientifically proven ways.

Similar to an Ouija board, this game includes several tricks and a magic pendulum which can be used to determine answers to yes/no questions and even spell out words.

From correspondence with Kreskin, December 2010:

Regarding your inquiry about the Kreskin ESP game, yours truly designed the game. As far as the artwork for the box, the Milton Bradley people had their staff do that. At one point, the amount of sales was over a million and it approached two million.
Thank you for your interest about the game. It became a very popular showcase, as I played it with many people on television, including Johnny Carson, Mike Douglas, and Merv Griffin, as the pendulum proved to be a fascinating phenomena.
With all my best thoughts,

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