Gem Rush (Second Edition)

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    1 - 7

  • Playtime

    30 Minutes

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Game Description

You are a dwarf and dwarves dig; it is a matter of pride and honor. But very few can join you among the ranks of the best. In a magical mine, pickaxe in hand, you race together or separately to claim the prestige your skills can earn.

Since its discovery, the King has been anxious to delve ever further and explore the magical properties in this mountain’s incredibly gem-rich region. Answering the call, the best among the dwarves are ready to explore them. This is what Dwarves thrive on — an absolute Gem Rush!

You alone, or with up to six of your friends, can play Gem Rush as competing or cooperating dwarves in a magical mine. Using your special skill to advantage and through the clever positioning of the rooms you clear and claim for the King, you must navigate each room’s special ability through the clever acquisition and use of Gem cards.

Gem Rush: Second Edition includes:
• A bright new graphics facelift for the rooms, gems, characters, skills, and even the rulebook.
• Play alongside your friends in Cooperative Mode, or see who the best dwarf is in Competitive Mode.
• New magical gems including Echoglass, Orichalcum, and Warpstone — each with properties that impact a sagacious player’s strategy.
• Player Skill cards so each dwarf wields an individual special ability which helps them compete. Includes dwarven poetry!

Game Data:
Number of Players: 1-7
Ages: 14 and up
Playing Time: Approximately 30-60 minutes

What’s In The Box?:
• 80 Room cards (square)
• 7 Player Aid cards
• 75 Gem cards
• 20 Skill cards
• 7 Character standees
• 57 Point gems
• 1 First player marker
• 1 Rulebook

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