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    2 - 4

  • Playtime

    60 Minutes

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Game Description

The once-mighty cities of your homeland lie in ruins, and monsters roam the land – leaving you to build a new nation from the ashes. Alynthia combines heart-pounding suspense and intricate strategy to create a unique twist on classic mechanics. With a semi-modular board, asymmetrical faction abilities, and a dynamic ability skill tree, you can explore Alynthia differently each time you play.

Strategies in Alynthia are varied and enable you to decide between peace, war, or something in between. Choose to develop Alynthia’s economy by building and upgrading outposts or trade at the market to exchange resources and gain Renown.

Or, choose the warrior’s path and recruit an army. Anything on the board can be attacked – letting you steal other players’ resources, force them off spaces, or destroy their outposts. You can also hunt and defeat monsters, clearing new territories for expansion or gaining Renown by destroying their nests.

Alynthia is carefully balanced to keep all players in the game. As the game progresses, each new outpost gets more expensive which keeps weaker players from being left behind. And even if you don’t have the resources you need, you can always use focus to buy action cards, giving you a wide range of powerful, one-time abilities. This allows you make progress each turn – no matter what gets thrown at you.

—description from the designer

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