After the Titans

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    2 - 4

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    10 Minutes

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Game Description

Battle of Gods

The Titans have fallen to the hands of new gods. The Olympians struggle against one another for power, and now it is time for all mortals to choose sides. Which gods will you worship, Devotee? Battle one another to see whose gods are mightiest. Command beasts, summon mystical objects, and worship your gods to increase your power and cast spells to eliminate other Devotees.

Quick Review

After the Titans is a themed gateway card drafting game in a 100 card closed set.This game encompasses all the fun of deck building collectible card games, without the time investment found in similar games. Game play is designed to be brisk and competitive. The Core Set is made for 2-4 Devotees, and one game lasts approximately 5 minutes per Devotee.

Meet the Gods

The war Zeus waged against the Titans has ended. The Olympians now rule the Universe, and the Titans are imprisoned in Tartarus. Following their final victory, the Olympic gods divided the world amongst themselves and are now in a struggle against one another for power.

Apollo is the healer. He ensures you and your Beasts can last the battle. He doesn’t just heal, Apollo keeps Beasts dealing maximum damage. He’s deceivingly good.

Ares seeks the blood of his opponents. He has the most ruthless direct and single target damage spells.

Athena is wise and patient. She counters spells, steals Beasts, and controls the minds of other Devotees. She waits until an opponent is vulnerable, then sabotages them.

Zeus is powerful but slow to rise, making use of Favors to strengthen Beasts and Static cards. He can also fortify structures and works well with Static Cards that will be released in future expansion packs.

Gameplay Mechanics

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